• Health Benefits of Granola
    Health Benefits of Granola


Great Health Benefits of Yogurt and Granola (3)

Great Health Benefits of Yogurt and Granola

Mixing granola’s nuts and grains with creamy low-fat yogurt gives a healthy mixture.

In fact, most people regard this combination as healthy breakfast option.

Apart from that, there are numerous yogurt and granola health benefits that you need to know and these have been discussed below.

1. Provision of Calcium

Calcium in the human body helps maintain strong teeth and bones.

Actually, yogurt offers high levels of this essential mineral.

Well-prepared granola cereals also contain calcium.

However, it is advisable to check for added sugar and fat in packed serials before purchasing.

2. Protein Provision

The work of proteins in human body is to help in building and repairing muscles and other tissues.

Truly, yoghurt provides a large dose of protein, although the specific amounts vary depending on the type.

In the same way, most of the nuts, such as granolas are high in protein. So, taking both granola and yogurt ensures your body has sufficient supply of proteins.

3. Boosts Immune System

It is true that most of the yogurt products are probiotic.

This is because they contain the active bacteria, which is very useful in the human body.

Such yogurts tend to offer numerous benefits to the body, which includes enhancing the strength of the immune system. Granola also has the active bacteria culture and is perfect in immune system enhancement.

4. Helps Improve Sleep

For people with difficulty in falling asleep or suffering from insomnia, eating yogurt sprinkled with granola before going to bed can do them better.

This helps them fall asleep quickly by keeping the hunger problems at bay.

5. Fiber Provision

The work of fiber is to fasten digestion.Great Health Benefits of Yogurt and Granola (1)

Actually, it makes you digest food better and also lowers the risk of certain complications, such as cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, one is advised to eat at least 20 grams of fiber daily. Essentially, granola contains a lot of fiber due to its ingredients, such as nuts and whole grains.

In fact, the content of fiber depends on the concentration of the whole grain.

It is said that a cup of typical granola can supply roughly 11 grams of fiber. Some yogurts also offer fiber, especially if they contain added fruit.


Apart from the above discussed yogurt and granola health benefits, there are many others that have not been mentioned.

Remember living a healthy life entails eating recommended foods that lack side effects-yogurt and granola being perfect examples.

Always consume healthy foods in order to live a healthy life.