The Causes Of Blindness (1)

Blindness can be simply explained as a loss or lack of vision.

The condition may vary from partial blindness, where only colors and light rays can be visualized, to the complete loss of eyesight.

Blindness can be an innate condition (either caused by genes or born with it).

Or it could be the result of various – diseases of the eye that cause blindness.
In this article, we briefly explain various reasons that cause blindness.

Some of the important causes are touched on below –

The Causes Of Blindness

1. Diseases:

The Causes Of Blindness (1)These are the leading cause of loss of vision.

There are a plethora of diseases that result in blindness.

Glaucoma, uveitis, diabetic retinopathy, trachoma are amongst the popular.
In a few cases, blindness could occur due to parasitic infection in the eye while in others, it could be a result of malnutrition.

In most of the under-developed countries, lack of vitamin A causes this deficiency.
Retinopathy is also a popular cause.

It is when there is blood flow issue to the eye, it could eventually damage the eyes leading to a deficiency in vision, and if untreated, could also cause complete blindness.

2. Injury:

Injury is a physical cause for monocular blindness.

Especially the injuries or accidents occurring directly to the brain’s occipital cortex or simply to the eye can result in blindness.
However, an injury doesn’t always result in permanent blindness.

If the patient is lucky enough, it could just be temporary, and treatable.

3. Genetic Abnormalities:

Mutations and disorders in the genes are also a major reason for blindness.

Optic-nerve, albinism, Leber’s congenital amaurosis, optic nerve are some of the popular examples of genetic abnormalities.

4. Poison:

Poisoning doesn’t lead to blindness, but intake of some specific chemicals still has a chance to cause blindness.

For example, absorption of methanol which is found in methylated spirit.

Individuals are known to consume this instead of regular alcohol.
If you are taking drugs that are rather aimed at curing some other illness in the body, blindness is again a possibility.


The causes of eyes are many.The Causes Of Blindness (2)

Above, we’ve briefly covered all the aspects responsible for blindness.
Unless blindness is caused by mutation of genes, caring for your eyes is quite an important factor to consider.

Remember that losing that very vehicle through which you perceive most of your life can lead to much more than just health issues.

Eyes are critical, so anytime you feel there’s something shady going on with your eyes, you can consult your personal doctor regarding how to take care of them because it is necessary to protect yourself from potential – diseases of the eye that cause blindness.